Real Estate Broker / Agent Services

What’s In It For You The “Broker/Agent”

Management One makes sure that our Brokers and Agents are fully protected on their commissions and clients with written contracts. Our property management services are extensive and they allow the Broker/Agent to have all the tools they need to be the expert with their clients.

Make a $300.00 referral fee for each owner you refer

Management One has a 27 year track record with Brokers / Agents. In addition to the referral fee, we sign a contract with you on that specific owner and property. This contract guarantees you that if the owner ever decides to sell the property you referred to us, we must refer it back to you to list it for sale. Also, in the event the owner wants to buy additional properties, we are under contract to refer them back to you. You negotiate and receive all of the commissions.

Your Referrals Are Protected!

We protect agents in writing for any owner and property they refer to us.  If the owner wants to buy additional properties or sell the rental property you referred to us, we send them back to you to handle the sales business.  All of this is put in a written guarantee!

Referral fee of $100.00 for a new resident referral

Call us with their name and phone number and we do the rest including showing the property, application, etc. If your resident referral leases a Management One property we pay you a referral fee.

Free Rental Comps For You AND Your Client’s Properties

Find out what the property should really rent for before you make the offer.  Get ahead of the curve with Management One’s resources.  We tell you a realistic rental amount, how long it will take to rent and the best areas to purchase rental properties.

Know the difference. MLS and Internet rent rates tend to be 15% to 20% higher than what the property actually rents for. In addition, you do not know how the agent or companies on the MLS or Internet qualified the resident or did they qualify them at all? An unqualified resident will pay a higher rental rate because they have to compensate for any deficiencies but that means you have unqualified resident in the property just waiting for an eviction, since they will in most cases eventually default and it’s normally sooner rather than later.

This service allows you to have knowledge of market rental rates, current rental market trends and an estimate of how long it will take to rent a property for your clients.  All you need to do is make one phone call to us so that you can be the expert in front of your client.

If your clients are looking to move out of their home and you are selling them another property or if you are selling them an investment property, we can provide these services to your client subject to the transaction closing. Therefore you are free to focus on other clients and sales and your burden of responsibility to try to find someone else to rent the property is solved.

You’re Guaranteed A  4% Commission If The Resident Purchases The Property

If the Resident we place ever decides to buy the property he/she is renting from Management One, you are guaranteed a minimum 4% commission by contract. Just another tremendous benefit in having a strategic alliance with Management One.

Align yourself with the right Property Management Company

Just like getting a cup of coffee at your average local convenience store is not like a Starbuck’s coffee experience, Management One is not your average management company. While many make their decision to pick a management company based solely on the management fee,  there is a major difference between management companies both in services and what they guarantee. The deeper you delve into Management One’s offerings, the better we look.